How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance Policy for You

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to choosing an auto insurance policy. You want to find the one that fits your needs and provides the best coverage for you and your family. But with all the options available, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are four tips to help do just that.

1. Know Your State’s Minimum Coverage Requirements

Regarding auto insurance, every state has its minimum coverage requirements. This is the absolute minimum amount of insurance you must have by law. Make sure your policy meets or exceeds these requirements.

2. Decide How many risks You’re Willing to Take

No one wants to think about being in an accident, but it’s essential to be prepared for the worst. Decide how much risk you’re willing to take regarding your auto insurance policy. If you have a newer car or can’t afford to replace your vehicle, you may want to consider a policy with higher limits.

3. Consider Your Budget

Your budget is an important factor in choosing an auto insurance policy. You want to make sure you can afford the premium, but you also don’t want to sacrifice coverage. Find a policy that fits your budget and provides the coverage you need.

4. Read and Understand the Policy

Once you’ve chosen a policy, read and understand the contract. This is the only way to know what is covered and what isn’t. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your agent before you sign anything.

Your auto insurance policy could significantly impact your life if you are ever in an accident. Be sure to research and choose a policy that is right for you. If you’re looking for auto insurance in Houston, TX, contact Heydari Financial Group. We can help you find the right policy for your needs and budget. Give us a call today for a free quote.

How Long Does It Take for a Flood Insurance Policy to Go Into Effect?

Flood policies are unlike car or homeowners insurance policies, where you can buy a policy and then sit back and relax. Flood insurance policies are more like an umbrella — you need to keep it close by and be ready to use it at a moment’s notice. 

You will need to purchase the policy before your current policy expires. If you are looking to buy flood insurance for your home, it can take up to 60 days before the policy goes into effect. For inquiries, contact Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX. 

How to Go About a Flood Insurance Policy 

Before acquiring flood insurance, you must go through the application process, where you give the needed documents. Even if you have the best risk profile and are insuring a brand new home, your policy isn’t guaranteed for approval. 

If you want to change the terms of your policy, you must let your insurer know 30 days before your policy expires. Most flood insurance policies last for 12 months. However, you can purchase policies that last up to 36 months. If you’re interested in purchasing flood insurance, it’s important to know that it doesn’t go into effect immediately. 

Flood insurance requires a waiting period before it kicks in, and most policies have a clause that states they won’t cover flood-related damages. The waiting period for flood insurance is usually 10 to 15 days, but it can be as long as 30 days, depending on the provider. During that time, you have coverage through the Standard Flood Policy, which is provided through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). 

Bottom Line 

Flood insurance policies are usually issued with a 20–30 day waiting period. You can maintain coverage through a private insurer or purchase a flood policy during this time. Most flood policies require homeowners or insurance coverage on your property for at least six months before the policy goes into effect. For help in Houston, TX, reach out to Heydari Financial Group.

How to Choose the Right Life Insurance Policy for You in Houston, TX

Life insurance is one of the most important investments you will make. It is a way to protect your loved ones financially in the event of your death. With so many types and policies available, it’s challenging to know which one is right for you. Also, life changes can affect your life insurance needs – marriage, the birth of a child, and a job change.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right life insurance policy for you in Houston, TX:

Know How Much Coverage You Need

The first step in choosing a life insurance policy is determining how much coverage you need. This will depend on your unique circumstances, such as your age, health, lifestyle, and dependents. An advisor from Heydari Financial Group can help you calculate how much coverage you need.

Understand The Different Policy Choices

Once you know how much coverage you need, you can compare the different policy choices. There are two main types of life insurance: term life insurance and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance is temporary and only covers you for a set period, usually 10-30 years. It is the most affordable type of life insurance.

Whole life insurance is permanent and covers you for your entire life. It is more expensive than term life insurance, but it also has a cash value that you can borrow against.

Choose The Right Insurance Company

When choosing an insurance company, it’s essential to research its financial stability and customer satisfaction rating. You can do this by reading online reviews and ratings.

Heydari Financial Group is a leading insurance company in Houston TX. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and coverage. Contact us today to learn more about our life insurance policies.

Protect your inventory with a comprehensive commercial policy

The team at Heydari Financial Group is proud to work with the greater Houston, TX area business community. If it is time to review your current commercial coverage, give us a call today!

Inventory protection with a comprehensive policy

Inventory is often the lifeforce of a business. Even though this is true for so many companies, it is a part of a firm that is often overlooked. If your commercial insurance is of the bare-bones variety, you may not have the inventory protection you need. It is also vital to ensure your inventory is at its highest level.

Comprehensive commercial policies can go beyond the basics and provide all of your business’s coverage. Owning, operating, and maintaining a successful business is more than a full-time job. It only makes sense to protect all of your hard work and dedication!

Now is a great time to review your current commercial policy for completeness. If you find that you may not have all of the coverage you want and need, upgrading to a more comprehensive policy is often the way.

Finding the insurance solutions that work for your needs is a large part of protecting your business. Don’t let this vital part of business ownership fall through the cracks. When you take the time to review your insurance needs thoroughly, you can rest assured that you have the protection you need! 

Let’s work together!

If you are a Houston, TX area business owner, Heydari Financial Group would love to work with you. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable when it comes to commercial insurance. If you would like to learn more about the commercial insurance options available in our area, call us today and schedule your consultation!

Guide to Filing a Home Insurance Claim

There are few insurance policies more important than your homeowner’s insurance policy because it protects what is likely your most expensive asset in property damage, theft, or other covered perils. If your home is damaged, you’ll want to first browse through the specifics of your policy to verify that the damage is going to be covered by the insurance company. This will also give you an opportunity to verify your deductible – what you’ll have to pay before the insurance company chips in – and how your payout is calculated. Once you have confirmed that the incident is covered, file a claim as soon as possible with your home insurance company. 

When you contact your home insurance company after filing a claim, you’ll speak with a claim professional that can verify your loss is covered by the policy and a ballpark estimate for the loss amount, along with answering your questions on how long the process will take and whether an estimate to repair the damage will be required. You’ll also be asked to fill out claim documents such as a proof-of-loss form that outlines what occurred, what you are claiming a loss on, and the estimated cost. When it comes to filing a claim, a few things are more important than documentation, so be sure that you take lots of photos, save any receipts, and do everything possible to preserve all proof of the loss you are claiming. Depending on the severity of the claim, an insurance adjuster may visit your home to assess the damage and confirm key details before reimbursement occurs. Once your claim is approved, the adjuster will send you an insurance payout that can be used for repairs or replacement. 

At Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX, we are happy to support our customers through the claims process. Give us a call today to learn more. 


Common Auto Insurance Exclusions

Your auto insurance covers you when involved in accidents or when any risk listed in your policy comes knocking on your doors. Unfortunately, just like other insurance policies, your car insurance doesn’t cover all risks — it has exclusions and limitations that you need to know for two reasons. Firstly, knowing what your insurance doesn’t cover smoothens the claim process. Secondly, understanding your policy exclusions helps you know what "riders" or "endorsements" to purchase.

Need to learn more about your auto insurance exclusions? Keep scrolling as Heydari Financial Group of Houston, TX highlights common risks not covered by car insurance.

  • Excluded driver: If you have a high-risk driver in your household that hasn’t been included in your car insurance, your claim may not be honored if such drivers crash your vehicle.
  • Intentional acts: If you intentionally harm someone else or your car, any damage or medical claims arising from this act will likely be turned down by your insurer.
  • Medical benefits exclusions: MedPay pays for the medical expenses for you and your passengers when injured in an accident. However, this coverage won’t come into play when you suffer auto injuries during racing events, illegal activities, or using your car for commercial purposes.
  • Mechanical failure: When your engine or transmission starts acting up, your insurer won’t come to your rescue even if you have collision or comprehensive coverage. Similarly, typical car insurance doesn’t cover normal wear and tear since it’s assumed you should take utmost care of your vehicle.
  • Unapproved modifications: If the modifications affect the stability and integrity of your car, any accidents resulting after such customizations will be voided by your insurer.

Need to learn more about auto insurance? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heydari Financial Group for more information. You can also pop in our Houston, TX offices to speak to one of our sales agents.

Flood Insurance Myths to Be Aware Of

When it comes to insurance coverage, flood insurance is by far one of the most underrated and misunderstood. People tend to be confused as to how these types of insurance policies work and who actually needs them. Because of this confusion, it leaves many Houston, TX property owners inadequately protected. Heydari Financial Group wants to separate fact from fiction, so here are a few myths surrounding flood insurance coverage.

Flood Insurance Is Only Needed If You Live in Designated Flood Zones

Flood insurance is most certainly required if you live in a designated flood zone, but even when you don’t, flood insurance can prove to be beneficial. There is always some level of risk and liability related to flooding, regardless of where you live in the country. To some capacity, each of the 50 U.S. states are prone to flooding.

Home Insurance Protects You Against Flood Damage

Many people believe that their home insurance will protect them against flood damage, and because of this, these people have paid a substantial amount of money. A typical homeowners insurance policy excludes flood-related damage unless it is a result of a storm. Therefore, separate coverage for flood damage is necessary to ensure you are properly protected in the event of a flood.

Flood Insurance Covers All Associated Damage

While a lot of property and personal effects damage is covered with a flood insurance policy, there are certain restrictions. For instance, as a general rule, preventable damage caused by moisture, mildew, or mold is not covered. Most of these policies also exclude damage that occurs to a vehicle or objects that are not within the insured structure. This can include decks, patios, fences, septic systems, and swimming pools.

If you need help in determining your individual flood risk in Houston, TX, contact our insurance team at Heydari Financial Group.

Texas Auto Insurance – Is Texas A No-Fault Auto Insurance State?

Driving in Texas?  There are things to be aware of when operating a motor vehicle in the state of Texas that you may not encounter in other states.  Texas is known for its heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains, so flash floods are a distinct possibility in certain parts of Texas during a summer storm.  Those are just some of the situations to look out for, there are others such as who’s at fault during an accident?  You can purchase auto insurance at Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX.

No-Fault Auto Insurance

There are 18 States which require PIP – No-Fault Auto Insurance coverage:  Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, and Texas.  PIP is known as Personal Injury Protection and is another name for No-Fault Insurance.

What’s So Special About These States?

No-Fault Auto Insurance States operate under the rules that there is no fault given in automobile accidents between two or more drivers.  In the case of an accident between two drivers, each insurance company would pay for the damages and liability to the other driver.  This way, both ends of coverage are covered in the case of an accident.  

Uninsured Drivers?

You can purchase uninsured drivers coverage to cover yourself in case you get into an accident with another driver and that other driver does not have auto insurance.  This scenario happens a lot more than you may think, so it’s always a good idea to protect yourself from any possible scenario that you may find yourself in.  

More Information

You can find more information about No-Fault Auto Insurance by contacting Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX today!

Why flood insurance is so important

If you are a local resident, you may be familiar with flood insurance and how it works to protect you and your family. At Heydari Financial Group, we strive to inform all of our clients about the importance of this type of insurance. The greater Houston, TX area is no stranger to hurricanes and floods and the damage that they can cause. It’s important to be protected. 

The importance of flood insurance

Water damage is often treated differently by insurance companies due to the cause of the damage. For instance, a water main break on your street will likely fall under a different category than the damage caused by a flood or other severe weather. Because of this, many homeowners’ policies do not cover all types of water damage. 

Flood insurance can protect you from damage that would otherwise not be covered by your primary policy. This is information that not everyone understands, and it is an important topic to discuss with your local insurance agent. In fact, in some low-lying areas, flood insurance is required as part of your overall insurance put in place by your mortgage lender. Water damage can be very disruptive, but when you have the right coverage in place, you can reduce your stress level and get back to normal a lot sooner than if you didn’t have it!

Rely on Heydari Financial Group for all of your insurance needs

Houston, TX area residents can turn to us for all insurance needs, including flood insurance. Our agents are here to help! Call to make an appointment, or stop by our office today to learn more. 

Should You Rely on Life Insurance Provided by Work?

Many people think that the life insurance policies provided by work are enough to cover all their expenses, but this may not always be the case. In many cases, the life insurance offered by work is not the best plan.

Heydari Financial Group, which serves Houston, TX, understands that you want the best for your family. This means you want to find the best insurance for your family. These are some of the times when life insurance provided by work may not be enough.

Term Life Insurance May Not Be For You

In some cases, employers do not offer the kind of life insurance you want. They may instead offer term life insurance for a short period of time when you would rather have a whole life policy.

Life Insurance Value May Not Be Right

You may also find that the value of the life insurance policy is not appropriate for your family. It could be too low or too high based on your family’s needs, so you might pursue a different option.

You Want a Policy With Your Spouse

If you want to share a life insurance policy with your spouse, you may not be able to find the right policy through work. You may need to get a policy on your own so that you get the coverage your family would benefit from most.

Private Life Insurance Policies Could Be the Better Option

If you are interested in learning more about other insurance policies, now is a great time to learn more. Heydari Financial Group, which serves many people in Houston, TX, can help you understand which policy is right for you.