What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

With more flash floods and hurricanes popping up across the world than ever before, have a flood insurance policy in place may not be a bad idea. While Texas homeowners are not required to have flood insurance, it is a good idea to protect your home which is one of the largest and most expensive investments you will make in your lifetime.

 Many people are under the impression that flood coverage is included in their homeowner’s insurance policy but then find out it is not a part of their policy. You need to talk to an agent who has experience and knowledge of flood insurance, such as the insurance agents at the Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX who can help you create a policy that works for you and your property.

Flood Insurance Policy Coverages

Your flood insurance policy can be obtained through your insurance agent and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and you have two options to choose from. One option will provide coverage for your home up to $250,000 while the other will cover your personal property up to $100,000. For example, if your home is destroyed by a flood, you will be issued enough money to purchase a new home or rebuild at the site of the house you lost to flooding. Your personal property will also be covered, which includes your furniture, clothing, appliances, and other personal items you worked hard to purchase. Some of the items not covered under a flood insurance policy include cash, stocks, and bonds so those things should be kept at a location other than your home, such as a safety deposit box.

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Is it a good idea to get life insurance?

People that live in the Houston, TX area will have many different personal insurance needs that need to be met. One very important form of insurance coverage that all need to consider getting is life insurance. This is a unique form of personal insurance coverage that will provide financial protection for those that rely on you. There are several reasons why getting life insurance is a good option for anyone here. 

Insurance Offers Financial Protection for Dependents

The primary reason that someone will get life insurance is that it can offer financial protection for your dependents. When you get a full life insurance policy, you can build and curtail it to meet your needs. This will include getting a policy coverage level that can cover all future costs that your dependents may have. You can then pick a term length that is a good option based on your needs and situation.

Insurance Can Offer Investment Benefits

Another reason life insurance can be a good idea is that it can offer you investment benefits. If you invest in a whole life policy, some of your monthly payments will be deposited into an account that will grow with interest. In the future, you will be able to liquidate this account and use the funds for whatever you wish. 

Picking the right life insurance policy in the Houston, TX area is a big decision. If you are looking for a new policy in this area, it would be a good idea to call the team at Heydari Financial Group. If you do call the Heydari Financial Group you will get to learn more about how life insurance works and how it can protect you. This will then help you choose a policy that is right for your situation. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

You have invested time, effort, and money into your business which is the reason you will want to take every measure you can to protect it. Commercial insurance is one way to protect your business while giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We understand the importance of commercial insurance at the Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX.

In the state of Texas, commercial insurance is not required for your business but it is a great idea to have a policy. If you have vehicles owned by your business or personal ones that you drive for your business, you must have at least the minimum amount of auto liability insurance that is required under Texas laws. Also, if you rent the space in which your business is located, the property owner may require you to obtain a commercial insurance policy.

Types of Coverage Options for Commercial Insurance

Liability and Medical Payments

There are several other types of commercial insurance coverage you can choose from for your business. This includes liability and medical payment insurance policies that will help cover any injuries sustained by a customer or visitor to your business. For example, if someone slips and falls while visiting your business and is injured, this part of your policy will help cover the medical bills and lost wages if they cannot work due to the injury. Liability insurance will also help cover the medical bills of someone who is injured as a result of your business. For instance, if you own a tree-trimming business and a limb accidentally falls on someone as they are walking by the worksite, this part of your policy will cover their medical bills.

Comprehensive Insurance

This part of your policy is very important in keeping your business operating and continuing your income during some type of disaster. This coverage will help you recover from a natural disaster, fire, or vandalism. It will also help cover the costs of items lost due to theft or a break-in at your business.

To create the best commercial insurance policy for you and your business, you should enlist the help of an agent experienced in commercial insurance. Our agents at the Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX are ready to assist you with all of your commercial business needs so please call for an appointment today!

How much commercial insurance do you need?

Commercial insurance is definitely a commodity that you cannot go without in the business world. It only takes one customer to fall inside of your store or experience an allergic reaction after using your product for your dreams of entrepreneurship to be on the line.

You know that you need to have an indemnity plan that covers your business. How much do you need, though? Contact an agent at Heydari Financial Group to get the details regarding your situation. Read on to get an overview of commercial insurance in Houston, TX!

What is commercial insurance?

A commercial assurance plan covers your expenses in the instance of an accident, natural disaster, or theft of your business. You, of course, must choose a policy that covers all three of these instances of tragedy. The purpose of commercial insurance, however, remains the same regardless of the type of plan you select. A commercial indemnity plan is designed to provide financial backing when your business experiences the unexpected and you lack the means to pay for damages.

How much coverage do you need?

The average small business owner may be able to get away with buying assurance that totals up to $1 million in coverage. Such is especially the case if you are an entrepreneur with a home business in Houston, TX. You definitely need to invest in an assurance policy. The premium amount that you choose, however, can sometimes be the bare minimum.

Those business owners with medium to large companies may need to pay more in premiums. Such is especially the case if a portion of your company is reliant on vehicles to transport services.

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Does Commercial Insurance Cover Weather Damage?

Residents of Houston, TX are no strangers to extreme weather. And, since hurricane season is kicking into high gear, business owners, in particular, are looking to make sure their assets are adequately covered. Something most people never think about is the risk to company-owned vehicles. High winds and flooding can wreak havoc on a fleet of vehicles. If the worst happens, are you covered? The experts of Heydari Financial Group have put their heads together to help answer this question.

How Comprehensive Is “Comprehensive” Coverage?

The first answer to any question about insurance is always the same: the details will vary by policy. That means you want to read the fine print and make sure you do have the coverage you want. That said, comprehensive vehicle coverage is typically a lot better about weather damage than homeowners insurance and similar notorious policies. On average, a comprehensive plan will protect your vehicle from water damage, falling debris, and other common threats of serious hurricanes. That extends to commercial insurance as well provided you are insured beyond minimum liability requirements.

It’s also important to remember that increasing total coverage usually comes with higher premiums. If you want to try to find the sweet spot between perfect coverage and low business costs, you should consider having a conversation with your Heydari Financial Group representative. They understand the weather risks and other peculiarities of life in Houston, TX, and they’re ready to help you look through all of your options to find the right fit. That’s always the first step to managing business costs and getting the most mileage out of each of your vehicles.

Is Commercial Insurance Beneficial to Small Businesses?

Commercial insurance is something that any business can benefit from. Smaller businesses can benefit from commercial policies but larger businesses are going to get more out of a policy. For those that live in the Houston, TX area, the agents with Heydari Financial Group can help you find the perfect policy for you.

For the most part, commercial policies are going to benefit larger businesses the most. This is because commercial policies tend to cover things like employees, inventory, and the building that the business is housed in. Larger businesses usually have more invested in their company as well.

For those smaller businesses that are run out of a home or smaller space, a commercial policy may not be as beneficial. Though it may not be as beneficial for a smaller business, this type of policy can still protect business owners should something happen to themselves, an employee, inventory, or even a customer.

If you own a business and are thinking about taking out a commercial policy, it is always helpful to consider a few different factors. The first things to acknowledge is, do you have employees, how much inventory do you keep at the primary location of the business, and what type of building do you have your business in. If you are working from home, your home insurance is going to cover any inventory that you have. If you have no employees, you may not need a commercial policy due to workers comp laws.

If you have a business of any size you can benefit from a commercial policy but you are certainly going to benefit more if you have a larger business that has much more to insure. If you live in the Houston, TX area, the agents with Heydari Financial Group can help you get started on a commercial insurance policy. Reach out to our offices for more information.

Running a Home-Based Small Business, Is Your Home Insurance Enough?

With the advent of the internet, e-commerce, and the ability for anyone to set up an e-business about anywhere, home-based businesses and home office operations are becoming commonplace. Whether they provide a second income or a primary personal revenue source, the ability for a person to create a new company with a computer, desk, and an internet connection gets easier and easier. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that one’s homeowners insurance is the automatic coverage for a new small or micro-business based out of a person’s house. According to the experts at Heydari Financial Group, that kind of thinking can set up a budding new business for a fatal mistake.

Houston, TX homes, and related homeowner insurance are intended for residential risks and living, not for running a business. By simply reading a few policies, and it becomes pretty clear the terms and coverage assume normal residential living in a private family home, not an office. So assuming that a basic homeowner’s policy is going to be more than enough for property, casualty, and operational risks can be a big mistake that will bite later on when coverage is needed. The number one way a small business can get nuked quickly is with an unfortunate litigation turn. It’s practically the number one business killer, driving most small businesses into bankruptcy almost immediately after the first filings have been made in court.

Because setting up an internet business can be so easy, most folks, even in Houston, TX, don’t think about the insurance ramifications of a home office. However, the insurance professionals at Heydari Financial Group are well aware of what are normal homeowner insurance coverage options and what is not. We can guide a Houston homeowner down the right path and to the right kind of policy, both for residential living and starting a new home office venture. Give us a call today to find out more!

An introduction to commercial insurance

Businesses in Houston, TX can significantly reduce their business risk by carrying the appropriate insurance. Choosing the right coverage types takes careful consideration though. Heydari Financial Group can help you learn the ropes and determine the proper coverage options.

Ask yourself a few basic questions.

  • What kind of business do you maintain?
  • Where is the business located?
  • Do you run a sole proprietorship, hire contractors, or hire employees?

Your answers to these questions provide a starting point. For instance, if you run a sole proprietorship, you’re not legally required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Living in the Houston, TX area means flood insurance may also be a smart choice for your business.

The following types of commercial insurance may fit your business’ needs:

  • Commercial property insurance
  • Business income insurance
  • Commercial crime insurance
  • Equipment breakdown insurance
  • Inland and ocean marine insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers compensation and employers liability insurance
  • Business owners and farm insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Group health, life or death insurance

Business interruption insurance provides coverage when an unforeseen event halts business. Commercial auto protects your commercial vehicle. Property insurance covers your building and its contents, including inventory, from theft or damage. Commercial liability insurance protects your business against lawsuits. Workers’ compensation insurance assists your employees if they incur an on-the-job injury. Group health, life, disability, or death insurance provides coverage to employees who opt for it and often provides reduced rate premiums to each employee.

Commercial insurance refers to a variety of policy types. Consider it more of a category of insurance that the agents at Heydari Financial Group will help you get to know and understand. Although it may seem overwhelming to read all the major types listed, most businesses only need a few policies. Reach out to our offices by phone or stop by for a visit to receive a quote and learn more about how to start a commercial insurance policy.

Is your startup ready for commercial insurance?

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to call Heydari Financial Group to help get your Houston, TX startup coverage, the short answer is: The sooner you get covered, the better. But, not all startups need insurance just yet.

There one main question to consider:

Can You Afford To Take On The Insurance Risks Yourself?

At the very start of a business venture, it’s all DIY and self-financed. Even if you’re going to be working with investors, you have to draw up the slideshow to pitch your idea, and you have to pay your phone bill while you make the calls. It’s all you, and you’re eating the costs while trying to keep it cheap because you have some faith in the idea and think it’s worth shopping around.

Maybe you’ve spent a hundred dollars on thrift store clothes and ten on gas to start a vintage fashion boutique. In any event, the business is in its infancy, and you’re covering your risks.

Suppose you start outfitting your home office. You’ve got a 3D printer and the fastest laptop you’ve ever owned in your life and a beautiful, luxurious leather chair. If any of this is destroyed in a fire, can you afford to replace it yourself? Do you have employees? Do clients visit you at your home office? If so, then you may need to look into general commercial liability.

From damages to liability, choosing when to call Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX is a balancing act between what you own and what you can afford to cover. Many of your risks are already covered by home and liability insurance at the early stages, but you’ll want to take stock now and speak with one of our agents to make sure your business is protected. 

Are There Specific Commercial Insurance Points For Livestock?

When you are in the market to purchase commercial insurance, Heydari Financial Group in Houston, TX is a great contender for your business as well as your respect. Commercial insurance products are complex and cannot be purchased without serious consideration.   

Livestock is a commodity well known to the Houston, TX area. This is a complex line of commercial insurance which includes many aspects of coverage.

There is a specific point of coverage that protects owners of livestock against falling market prices in the state of Texas and in many other states where animal farming is prevalent, Livestock Risk Protection Insurance. The USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, offers a risk management assessment tool for owners of livestock to calculate how much protection is needed.  

Livestock Insurance is Detailed

The policies are actually divided into types of livestock for the producers of animal products since the nuances of different animals and how they feed, how they are contained, and basically how they are handled in every aspect on the farm varied widely. As a result of these vast differences, the commercial insurance lines must also vary widely in order to protect the producer in a comprehensive manner.

Livestock Gross Margin Insurance is an insurance coverage which protects against loss of gross margins associated with the animals ( the market value is deducted from the cost of feeding the animal). Each kind of product has its own insurance category including Livestock Gross Margin Dairy and Livestock Gross Margin Swine Insurance. 

Heydari Financial Group, serving the Houston, TX and the surrounding areas, have agents who are well-versed in commercial insurance underwriting. Give them a call today or stop by the office to find out how they can help with all of your commercial insurance needs.