Guide to Filing a Home Insurance Claim

There are few insurance policies more important than your homeowner’s insurance policy because it protects what is likely your most expensive asset in property damage, theft, or other covered perils. If your home is damaged, you’ll want to first browse through the specifics of your policy to verify that the damage is going to be covered by the insurance company. This will also give you an opportunity to verify your deductible – what you’ll have to pay before the insurance company chips in – and how your payout is calculated. Once you have confirmed that the incident is covered, file a claim as soon as possible with your home insurance company. 

When you contact your home insurance company after filing a claim, you’ll speak with a claim professional that can verify your loss is covered by the policy and a ballpark estimate for the loss amount, along with answering your questions on how long the process will take and whether an estimate to repair the damage will be required. You’ll also be asked to fill out claim documents such as a proof-of-loss form that outlines what occurred, what you are claiming a loss on, and the estimated cost. When it comes to filing a claim, a few things are more important than documentation, so be sure that you take lots of photos, save any receipts, and do everything possible to preserve all proof of the loss you are claiming. Depending on the severity of the claim, an insurance adjuster may visit your home to assess the damage and confirm key details before reimbursement occurs. Once your claim is approved, the adjuster will send you an insurance payout that can be used for repairs or replacement. 

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