Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Power Outages?

As a homeowner, you’re likely to encounter power outages at your place of residence. When left unchecked, the problem can lead to expensive bills, spoiled foods, or a lack of heating and electricity. It can also result in severe loss of income, especially if your career depends on remote work. At Heydari Financial Group, we’re interested in providing Texas residents with a wide range of insurance-related services. That includes financial coverage for specific scenarios, like property damage from a power outage. 

Heydari Financial Group’s Homeowner’s Insurance

Our agency’s clients have access to a thorough insurance package that protects their possessions and financial assets. Our homeowner’s insurance includes dwelling coverage to pay for structural damage, additional structural coverage for detached properties, property coverage for belongings within the home, and liability coverage for accidental injuries.

However, there may be some scenarios that the homeowner’s insurance plan won’t cover. You might not be reimbursed if the power outage happened because of intentional damage by a resident from within the home. If the power outage were caused by a weather-related disaster, like a hailstorm or a lightning strike, your homeowner’s insurance would likely pay for the damage. If a visitor experiences a personal injury or a power outage in your home, then that would be covered under our liability insurance protection. 

Getting Homeowner’s Insurance in Houston, TX

To better understand our homeowner’s insurance package and what it offers, contact the Heydari Financial Group by phone or visit our office. You can also email the group or contact us through social media. Our agents would be happy to walk you through the homeowner’s insurance processd.