Does Commercial Insurance Cover Weather Damage?

Residents of Houston, TX are no strangers to extreme weather. And, since hurricane season is kicking into high gear, business owners, in particular, are looking to make sure their assets are adequately covered. Something most people never think about is the risk to company-owned vehicles. High winds and flooding can wreak havoc on a fleet of vehicles. If the worst happens, are you covered? The experts of Heydari Financial Group have put their heads together to help answer this question.

How Comprehensive Is “Comprehensive” Coverage?

The first answer to any question about insurance is always the same: the details will vary by policy. That means you want to read the fine print and make sure you do have the coverage you want. That said, comprehensive vehicle coverage is typically a lot better about weather damage than homeowners insurance and similar notorious policies. On average, a comprehensive plan will protect your vehicle from water damage, falling debris, and other common threats of serious hurricanes. That extends to commercial insurance as well provided you are insured beyond minimum liability requirements.

It’s also important to remember that increasing total coverage usually comes with higher premiums. If you want to try to find the sweet spot between perfect coverage and low business costs, you should consider having a conversation with your Heydari Financial Group representative. They understand the weather risks and other peculiarities of life in Houston, TX, and they’re ready to help you look through all of your options to find the right fit. That’s always the first step to managing business costs and getting the most mileage out of each of your vehicles.