End-of-Summer Home Preparedness Tips

As mid-summer turns the corner and heads towards shorter days and cooler temperatures, it’s a great time to prepare your home for the changing weather conditions brought by the approach of the fall and winter seasons. For those who live in the Houston, TX area, the Heydari Financial Group offers these end-of-summer home preparedness tips:

Perform Routine HVAC Maintenance

In addition to changing the HVAC’s air filters, it is essential to have the HVAC system professionally inspected. This ensures it’s ready to keep your family warm during the upcoming cooler months.

Inspect the Roof & Clean/Maintain Gutters

Before autumn rains hit, check for damaged/missing roof shingles. Clear debris and fallen leaves from the home’s gutters to prevent drainage clogs.  

Check the Windows, Doors & Exterior Foundation

Make sure the doors and windows have a proper seal, which may require that you replace worn weatherstripping. Also, inspect the exterior’s foundation for cracks that need sealing to prevent heat from escaping needlessly.

Test Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

In addition to replacing batteries, test each device to ensure it works correctly.

Trim Trees & Shrubs

Trimming exterior bushes/trees helps prevent potential damage to your home during strong autumn storms.

Inspect and clean the Dryer Vent.

A dry vent clogged with lint can become a fire hazard. Keeping the vent clean allows the machine to function more efficiently.

By completing the above suggestions, you’ll be significantly better prepared for the changing weather patterns and ready for emergencies.  

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